- BMW Fxx -


  • 1x 3D Printed Stand
  • 1x wireless charger
  • 1x USB-C/USB-A cable


  • Handcrafted product, the following photos are for illustrative purposes
  • We are not responsible for incorrect assembly, it is recommended to contact professionals
  • It is advisable to read the assembly instructions before starting the installation

1. Mounting the wireless charger on the 3D printed holder

  • Using the supplied cable, insert the USB-C into the appropriate seat located under the wireless charger

  • With a slight curve, bring the cable towards the carved slot located in the back of the 3D printed support

  • Insert the cable into the hollowed out slot on the back of the 3D printed stand

Be careful not to force the cable excessively

2. Accessory placement

  • Now insert the accessory into the seat of the cup holder (it is possible to use both, both the one on the left and the one on the right) leaving most of the cable in the seat itself, keeping the USB-A socket outside and making sure that the BD_3DPRINTING logo is facing the rear of the car

Be careful not to force the accessory excessively when inserting it into the seat, as the cable may not be routed correctly. It will therefore be necessary to repeat the previous operations until making sure that the cable is inside the appropriate seats

  • Once the USB-A has been connected to the relevant sockets on the car, use the hollow seat on the side of the support to secure the cable in an optimal position and leave all the excess cable in the seat under the accessory

The excess cable can be hidden in the cup holder seat under the accessory itself