Delivery time:

In Italy each shipment will be delivered in 24/48 working hours (Saturdays and Sundays excluded) while in Europe it will take from 2 to 6 working days. Delivery times depend exclusively on the courier; it is however possible to enter a preference note but it is at the discretion of the latter to respect it.

Orders received on a Saturday or Sunday will be processed on the following working day (Monday). Those made during the holidays will be processed on the first working day.

Shipping cost:

Express and COD shipments are available in Italy.

The first will cost €7.90 or €8.90 based on the size and quantity of products while the second will cost €12.80 or €13.80.

In Europe, Express shipping is only available at a cost of €14.90.

Courier used:

In Italy the orders will be taken over by the SDA courier while in Europe UPS will be used.

Each shipment will have a unique tracking code which will be communicated by email on the day of collection. This code will allow you to track the shipment at any time through your account on our shop or through the website of the corresponding courier.


Each box used will have dimensions suitable for the contents of the order. All items inside will be well protected and packed using bubble wrap or similar.

Shipping address:

We recommend that you check several times that the shipping details are correct.

If during the execution of the order we are unable to identify the address indicated, we will ask you for new details in this regard.

In the event of an incorrect address and consequent non-delivery, you will be asked for new instructions and the cost of a further shipment will be charged.

Tips and Tricks:

To ensure that the shipment is delivered without problems, we advise you to indicate an address (including the workplace) where there is always someone available for collection. We also suggest that you specify when the buyer's name is different from the one on the doorbell.

In case of non-delivery, the courier will be required to leave a notification and will carry out another test on the following working day. If the recipient is still absent, we will contact you to release the shipment free of charge and reschedule it within 5 calendar days. In the event that this last attempt fails, the order will be automatically suspended. We will await further instructions and in the case of a new shipment you will be charged for the respective costs.

When collecting the package, we ask you to verify its integrity (ie that it is closed and intact without showing any defects). Otherwise it is recommended to sign with reservations and promptly notify us of the problem.

We are not responsible for delays, non-delivery or damage by the courier. Furthermore, we are not responsible for problems arising from products that are stolen, lost or damaged after the package has been delivered. In the event of problems, we ask you not to cancel the order and, if the fact persists, contact us as soon as possible.