- BMW Fxx -


  • 4x plastic rivets
  • 2x air scoop intake


  • Torx screwdriver
  • Small/medium sized slotted screwdrivers
  • Electric screwdriver
  • 9.5mm iron drill bit
  • Permanent marker


  • Handcrafted product, the following photos are for illustrative purposes
  • We are not responsible for incorrect assembly, it is recommended to contact professionals
  • It is advisable to read the assembly instructions before starting the installation
  • The instructions concern the assembly of an air scoop kit with intake on the passenger side but the installation procedure is irrelevant in the case of intake on the driver's side

1. Frontal kidney removal

  • Open the bonnet and completely remove the interlocking gasket in the photo

  • Below the gasket, remove all the screws (TORX) necessary for fixing the upper part of the bumper

  • Remove the bumper from the appropriate seats to create a passage through which you can reach the front kidneys

Be careful not to over-force the bumper

  • Remove one of the two front kidneys by unhooking the fixing clips

  • Once a frontal kidney has been removed, use the passage created to remove the second kidney more easily

2. Assembly of the Air Scoop Intake Kit

  • If you have the original BMW arrangement for the Hot Air Climate Intake (intake duct that connects the air intake in the photo to the airbox in the engine compartment) you will have this debris protection grill which must be removed

  • For cars without this BMW kit, there will be a cap that closes the duct. The latter will also need to be removed to fit the Air Scoop Intake Kit

Some cars may have the intake duct arranged on the driver's side, in this case it is recommended to contact us privately for further clarification regarding the assembly

  • You can then proceed with removing the grill or cap from both sides

  • Position the first Air Scoop as in the photo by passing the rubber duct inside it (on vehicles equipped with Hot Climate Intake) and mark the position of the two holes with a permanent marker

Take care that the Air Scoop Intake does not touch the steel bar

  • To make the holes, temporarily remove the conveyor and use a screwdriver

It is recommended to make a pre-hole with a small diameter drill and then proceed with the final 9.5mm hole. Be very careful to avoid hitting other components behind it or cracking the plastic

  • Once the two holes have been drilled, position the Air Scoop again and fix it momentarily with the supplied rivets in the rest position

  • After having inserted both rivets temporarily, it is necessary to forcefully press the central pin of the two rivets until the conveyor is firmly fixed

  • Once the conveyor has been fixed, reposition the original protection grid in the appropriate seat of the rubber duct

For printed products with integrated grid, this last operation must be excluded

  • Return to point 2 of the assembly instructions to also position the second Air Scoop present in the kit